The best accessories for your Lincoln

Lincoln Accessories

When most people bought sedans or hatches there wasn't too much demand for accessories beyond the usual stuff of mats and maybe the odd luggage or bike rack.

However, now so much of the market is dominated by SUVs, accessories are now a really big thing with buyers and manufacturers. So here we take a look at some of the best Lincoln accessories available from South Bay Lincoln, the number one choice for Lincoln service in Hawthorne.

Bed products

If you have a utility vehicle with a large rear hatch such as the Lincoln MKX, Lincoln Navigator or even the compact Lincoln MKC, the chances are you're going to be using the back for storing and transporting stuff you might want to protect your Lincoln from. The obvious choice for protecting the bed of the cargo area of your Lincoln is a cargo mat. If nothing too messy or wet is going to be going in there a carpeted cargo mat provides plenty of protection and retains a luxurious feel, but if there's going to be damp or dirty dogs or items going in there a rubber alternative can be quickly and easily washed down and cleaned.

Cargo organizers

While every Lincoln model comes with plenty of cubbies and storage areas for keeping the many bits and pieces we take with us safe, let's be honest, we can always do with more. There are a number of clever items Lincoln has to offer for keeping things in order from soft-sided folding organizers to cargo nets and even soft-sided cool bags with an adjustable carrying strap so you can use it when you leave the vehicle too.


Mats are pretty much essential if you want to keep the carpets in your Lincoln in good order, and what type of mat you need depends on where you're going to be going and what you’re likely to be doing in your vehicle. Like with bed liners; mats can be carpeted or rubber. Carpet mats do look nice and they complement the luxury interior ambience of a Lincoln, but if you’re in an area where it gets wet and muddy a lot the easy-clean nature of a set of all-weather rubber mats is hard to beat.

Racks and carriers

Even if you have something as big and spacious as a Lincoln Navigator there may be times when even that amount of interior space isn’t enough for all the items you and your passengers want to take on a trip. For general use and to provide an option for using the roof space to carry extra cargo, a set of cross bars to fit onto factory roof rails is a useful and versatile option. But for more specialized pieces of equipment, such as mountain bikes, skis and snowboards, Lincoln has a range of racks that can be fitted to the roof or to the back of your vehicle.

These are just a few ideas of the accessories available for making the most of your Lincoln, so get in touch with us here at South Bay Lincoln today to find out more about these and the other accessories we have available.

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