David from South Bay Ford demonstrates some unique features of the key fob for the Lincoln Corsair. Including remote start for the vehicle, automatic window control, and the ability to unlock and lock the car keyless. This tutorial also shows you how to use the key fob to open and close the trunk, as well as how to use the traditional key in case the battery dies and in emergencies. Overall, the video serves as a helpful guide for Lincoln Corsair owners who want to learn all the cool features of their key fob.


Hi, this is David, once again here at South Bay Ford. I'm going to show you some amazing features with the Ford Corsair, specifically with the key fob. We have a lot of unique features that many manufacturers don't have, so let me go over a few things that you can do with the key fob.

As you know, on a traditional key fob, you have your unlock and lock buttons. However, this one has a new button for Ford, which is the remote start for the vehicle. You also have your trunk button and the panic button.

If you unlock the vehicle once by pressing the button once, the light will turn on. But, if you touch it twice and press it twice, all the doors around the car will unlock as well. If you press the lock button, the entire car will lock, and the side mirrors will go in to avoid getting damaged in narrow streets.

Ford has also put in a great feature that involves only these two buttons. If it's summertime and it's really hot, you can just unlock the car and hold the unlock button. Your windows will automatically come down, so you can breathe a little bit. If you don't want the windows down anymore, you can do the same thing with the lock button, and the windows will start going up.

One unique feature with the Lincoln is that they let you know when the car is actually turned on. If we lock it and quickly press these two buttons, the car will turn on, and a little light turns green to let you know that the vehicle is on.

As long as you have your key with you, you can just glide over the handle, and that would unlock the car keylessly. If you want to lock the car, you just press a little tab with these little rows, and it will automatically lock the vehicle for you.

Coming over to the back, one of the great things with the key fob is that you can actually open the trunk with just this button. If you press it twice, the trunk will begin opening, and if you want it to go down, you can just press the same button, and the trunk will start going down. As long as you have the key fob with you within a three-meter range or nine feet, the trunk back here can be kicked open as well.

All the features I've covered right now with the key fob will just be with this button. But, sometimes you may run out of battery, and you need the actual key itself. You can always grab this key, stick it in this area, and open the car. This way, you won't be locked out of your car, and you always have the traditional key just in case of emergencies.

That's it for the key fob on the Lincoln Corsair over here at South Bay Ford.
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