How to Keep your Lincoln Feeling New

Keep Your Lincoln New
There really is nothing like getting into a brand new car to make you feel a little bit special, so wouldn’t it be great to keep your new Lincoln feeling and looking new for as long as possible? Well, if you are prepared to do the work yourself or you get us to do the work for you, it is possible to keep your prized new vehicle feeling new. It's basically all down to keeping on top of routine car maintenance tasks, some of which you might do yourself and others you'll want your Lincoln service center to take care of.

Keep it clean

The first thing anyone notices about a brand-new car is how clean it is, and most of us would love our vehicle to look and feel like that for as long as possible. There are some polishes and coating that can help with this, but regularly cleaning your vehicle inside and out will go a long way to retaining that new vehicle look and feel. However, there are a couple of areas many of us neglect we probably don’t realize that make a huge contribution to that new look, which are the windows and the wheels. Clean, shiny wheels can make more of an impression than you might think, but where a proper vehicle detailing often differs from the kind of clean you might do yourself on a Sunday afternoon is the glass. Use a proper glass-cleaning product to clean the glass when the rest of the vehicle is cleaned and dried, but remember to do the inside as well as the outside. You'll be amazed how dirty the glass gets on the inside and you'll be even more amazed out how if effects the whole look of your vehicle when the inner and outer glass is crystal clean.


While dirt is easy to see on the body and inside the cabin of your Lincoln, what's going on with the workings of your vehicle is not so easy to determine. Keeping the fluids such as your engine oil and water at the right level is vitally important to keep your vehicle running the way it should. The same can also be said of the likes of transmission, brake and power steering fluids too, especially if you do a lot of driving. And if your vehicle is a few years old and no longer smelling the way it should, an air-con recharge can also work wonders.

When you drive off in a new vehicle everything feels taut and just right, so keeping up with routine maintenance is how you keep your car feeling and driving like new. As well as the things you might be able to do yourself, making sure you stick to the service schedule suggested by the manufacturer is a vital component in keeping a vehicle in the very best condition.
Keep Your Lincoln Feeling New
Don’t be cheap when it comes to the rubber

Rubber is obviously a perishable, wear and tear material that plays an important role with vehicles. The two areas where you need to keep a check on the rubber as an owner/driver are the windshield wipers and the tires. Wipers are inexpensive to replace, so there's no excuse for having cracked, worn or split wipers. While tires are much more expensive, there are few components that play a bigger part when it comes to a vehicle feeling new. When you have a completely new set of tires fitted after driving around on worn rubber for a while you'll be amazed at how different the vehicle feels to drive and steer. So, if you want to keep you Lincoln feeling like new, the earlier you replace your worn tires the better. And of course, the newer your tires are the better their condition and quality, the safer you and your passengers will be too.

For more information about keeping your Lincoln feeling new and to make a booking to get something done to help keep that new car feel, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us here at South Bay Lincoln today.

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