Get the Most for Your Trade-In


If your New Year plan includes an all new Lincoln model, part of your new car replacement program just might include trading in your current model. So, how can you get the best trade in value for your soon to be ex-vehicle? This is easier than you might think thanks to a few friendly tips from the product specialists here at South Bay Lincoln.

Assure Proper Maintenance

The best way to get the most for your trade in is to assure that your current vehicle is properly maintained through regular maintenance. Along with regular oil changes every 3,000-5,000 miles it is important that your tires are rotated as frequently as brake jobs and other preventative measures are taken. Be sure that these preventative measures are also well documented in your vehicle’s owner’s manual.

Another important tip: if you complete any major repairs or purchase any big-ticket items (like new tires) within six months of trading in your car, be sure to save your receipts to document how valuable your previous model just may be to its next owner.

Clean it Up

Although knowing how well a vehicle operates is sure to increase your trade in value, spending some time having your car detailed can also help increase the value of your old four-wheeled friend.

Wash the engine bay and inner wheel wells, wipe out the interior cup holders, seat pockets, door pockets and the glove box, vacuum the seats, carpet and trunk, and spray a good-quality odor remover into the headliner and upholstery, particularly if the car has been smoked in. Clean the insides of the windows and dust off the dashboard, package shelf and interior plastics and you just might get top dollar for what you might have thought was an old bucket of rust.

Know What It’s Worth

Along with assuring that your old vehicle runs and looks good, the best way to increase the trade in value of your vehicle is to do your homework. Check out Kelley Blue Book today to assure that you arrive at the dealership knowing what to expect and to assure that you receive the best bang for your buck.

New to You

While driving away in a new vehicle is usually the preferred way to go for most who are in the car shopping process, our Lincoln trade in also offers an opportunity to own a “new to you” Lincoln using your previous vehicle. This way you can enjoy owning one of the most luxurious sedans on the market without breaking your budget. There is a bit of a stipulation with this process though. Instead of considering your trade in as a cash cow, it is better to use this as a part of the purchase process. What exactly do we mean? Simply put, a newer vehicle, with less than 100,000 miles is more likely going to give you the opportunity to trade up for a newer model than an older vehicle.

Trade Up at South Bay Lincoln

If you are ready to trade up to the newest of Lincoln models, get to South Bay Lincoln today to find out why your bargaining chip could mean more than ever before.


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