South Bay Lincoln goes step by step and shows how to access the drive modes available in the 2022 Lincoln Corsair. The different modes include "Normal", "Excite", "Conserve", "Slippery/Slick/Icy or Loose Surfaces", and "Deep Conditions". In this tutorial we show how each mode affects the engine's performance and fuel efficiency, and share experiences of driving on different types of terrain, highlighting the ease of switching between modes using the car's dial. This video provides a helpful guide for anyone looking to optimize their driving experience in the 2022 Lincoln Corsair.


Hello! Today, we are in the 2022 Lincoln Corsair and I wanted to demonstrate the different drive modes that it has and how to use them. We will start in "Normal" mode because this is where I want to start explaining. "Normal" mode offers the best of both worlds while driving. The engine is fuel-efficient while also delivering the necessary power when needed. You get a good amount of RPMs and horsepower, and all of this is computer-generated. Nothing changes mechanically, it's all in the car's computer.

If we get cut off in traffic or our lane is about to end, we need to switch to "Excite" mode. Or, if there's an open road in front of us and we want to enjoy the vibe of this vehicle, we can switch to "Excite" mode. When you get in here, it's a vibe. Everything is just built around you, and the car is all cozy. The engine is also very cozy, so you get the most out of it with "Excite" mode. However, you're going to be going through your gas quicker, and you get more RPMs available. It's not stopping at three and a half or four thousand RPMs. It allows you to really get the most out of the engine. It likes being jumpy and rattling. It's awesome, and all engines should be like that.

"Conserve" mode is best for conserving your gas. It's called "Conserve Eco" in the Fords, so it's exactly the same. You're not going to get as many RPMs. It honestly feels like you're in a bit of mud, but you'll be maximizing your gas. Especially here in LA traffic, it's nice to have. With "Conserve" mode, you're not going to be going anywhere too quickly, but you'll be saving gas for sure.

A recent favorite of mine is "Slippery/Slick/Icy or Loose Surfaces" mode. We don't get too much rain here in LA, but when it does rain, our roads are not meant for it at all. Going on an on-ramp to the freeway can be kind of scary because it usually floods around that area. My explorer can go into "Slippery" mode and handle it great, so I know for sure this vehicle can handle slippery terrain. It's fun feeling the car grip up more. I don't know if it's the differential that locks up a bit, but you feel as if the car has rails. It's almost like it's doing so much work for you as far as not burning out or fish-tailing. It's very steady and locked, a great feeling when you're on a slippery surface.

The last one is "Deep Conditions" mode, which is for deep snow, mud, or sand. Recently, I went up to Yosemite, and there are some trails around Bass Lake that take you around this forest near Mary posted Grove, and it's absolutely stunning. Having your car be able to be closest to a 4x4, that's awesome. And having your car be ready for these conditions, there's no better combo than knowing that your car is in "Trail" mode or "Deep Conditions" mode, and it's handling it. It feels pretty sick.

So, those are the different drive modes. You just go through this dial right here, and it's pretty simple and cool. Thanks for watching, have a good one!
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