2019 Lincoln Navigator L for Sale in Hawthorne

2019 Lincoln Navigator L

Luxury meets a long wheelbase frame in the 2019 Lincoln Navigator L. And lucky enough, one is sitting in the South Bay Lincoln showroom. But what makes this SUV standout amongst the rest? Let’s take a closer look at how the comfort of the 2019 Lincoln Navigator L will have you looking forward to your morning commutes.

Limitless Capability

Sure, the Lincoln Navigator is known for its unrivaled luxury. But that doesn’t mean it can’t pack stellar performance as well

For proof, check out the twin-turbocharged 3.5L V-6 engine. With 450 hp and 510 lb-ft torque, this motor isn’t messing around. Instead, it’s capable for any job you could imagine. Also, you’ll find it allows the Lincoln Navigator to pass any cars on two-lane roads effortlessly.

To help you make the most of your drives, Lincoln threw Lincoln Drive Modes into the mix. These are settings that tune your SUV with shift points, adaptive suspension, and more. So, modes like Conserve are great when maxing out your MPG. Meanwhile, “Excite”—well, the name says it all. It’s the mode you’ll select when you’re looking for a bit of fun on an open road.

Also, don’t forget about the adaptive suspension. This adjusts to any conditions you’ll drive across on the road. Thus, driving over potholes is a simple task for the 2019 Lincoln Navigator L.

Step Inside for Unrivaled Comfort

Upon opening that driver door, you’ll find yourself greeted with genuine wooden accents. And when paired with the leather-wrapped steering wheel, it’s a sleek and modern design.

What’s also nice inside is the SYNC® 3 infotainment system. It’s a 10-inch touchscreen that comes with Apple CarPlay™ and Android Auto™. So, feel free to sync all your favorite mobile apps directly to your car. Music streaming, navigation, hands-free calling, and texts—it’s all here.

To make for the most comfortable ride ever, don’t forget about the heated steering wheel and seats. There’s no better way to combat these brisk winter mornings than with these features. Plus, your backseat passengers can make use of heated seats as well. Therefore, the comfort extends to everyone riding inside the Lincoln Navigator L.

Safety Above All Else

Without safety, a car is pointless. But thankfully, the 2019 Lincoln Navigator L offers plenty of reliable features to keep you safe during your commute.

For starters, you’ll get a 360-degree camera. This allows you to see your car from all angles. In other words, it’s perfect for seeing those blind spots at intersections.

Also, you’ll get a rear view camera with a washer. So, no more neck strains when trying to pull out of tight parking spaces.

Get Your Lincoln Navigator L Today at South Bay Lincoln in Hawthorne

Are you ready to drive the ultimate luxury SUV?

Then browse our inventory at South Bay Lincoln. We have a Lincoln Navigator L waiting to be driven by you. And if you have any questions, our product specialists are more than happy to help. Visit for a test drive if you need. Either way you look at it, the 2019 Lincoln Navigator L is here to offer a smooth and comfortable drive.

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2019 Lincoln Navigator L
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