Discover What the 2017 Lincoln MKX from South Bay Lincoln Can Do for You

2017 Lincoln MKX

It’s one of the best places in the world to call home: Hawthorne, CA. Located just steps from the Pacific Coast and only a few minutes from the heart of L.A., you can find things to do nearby all year round. But when you own a 2017 Lincoln MKX, your boundaries stretch a little further. Discover what you can do and where you can go with a 2017 Lincoln MKX for sale in Hawthorne, CA.

A Burger Joint in Bakersfield

You heard once about a great place to eat in Bakersfield known as the Firestone Grill. Why not check it out? It’s only a comfortable cruise away from Hawthorne…alright, it’s a long drive. Weave your way through Castaic Junction and Wheeler Ridge on your way to Bakersfield, about 120 miles north. Choose the steak sandwich and those massive onion rings. The trip will definitely be worth it, and you’ll be comfortable the whole way in your 2017 Lincoln MKX, aside from the heartburn.

Play Ball with the Padres

The trip south to San Diego is a pretty one, and you’ll appreciate the fuel mileage you get in your 2017 Lincoln MKX, as well as the natural light from the massive Panoramic Vista Roof. But there’s something special about watching a Major League Baseball game in SoCal and its perfect year-round weather. It’s about two and a half hours from Hawthorne, a straight shot south.

What Happens in Vegas…

Why rent a luxury vehicle in Las Vegas – just drive your own there! Live it up in Sin City, made easier because you have your own vehicle in town. Check out the Grand Canyon, see Cirque du Soleil or Garth Brooks, and play a couple of the tables. Just promise not to bet the keys to your 2017 Lincoln MKX!

Stretch your boundaries with the 2017 Lincoln MKX, the luxury crossover SUV with something to offer everyone. You’ll find the 2017 Lincoln MKX for sale in Hawthorne, CA at South Bay Lincoln. With professional, friendly customer service and a great selection of new and used Lincoln models, South Bay Lincoln is a great choice to make.