Leasing vs. Buying at South Bay Lincoln: Which Makes Sense For You?

Leasing vs. Buying at South Bay Lincoln

At South Bay Lincoln in Hawthorne, we are committed to getting you behind the wheel of a new Lincoln car, SUV, or crossover. The most popular ways of achieving this goal are leasing a Lincoln and buying a Lincoln. Let’s take a closer look at Leasing vs. Buying at South Bay Lincoln, so you can decide which makes more sense your next new Lincoln.

Leasing Has Many Advantages

Leasing a Lincoln means that you are basically paying for the use of the vehicle for the term of the lease, which usually lasts for three years or so. You can consider leasing to be a longer-term version of a vacation car rental. You pay for the time you use the vehicle, and then you return it when you are done with it. Just like a rental, you don’t own a leased car. When the lease term is over, you turn in the car and walk away.

Leasing Gives You A Lower Monthly Payment

Because you pay only for the part of the vehicle that you are using, and not the entire thing, your monthly payment is much lower. This is an awesome benefit of leasing a Lincoln - you have money more left for other purposes.

Leasing Gives You A Full-Time Warranty

Because new vehicles come with at least a three-year warranty, this means that the typical three-year lease keeps your Lincoln under warranty from beginning to end. There will be no expensive surprises if there’s a mechanical failure during your lease term. You are covered!

You Can Lease A Much Nicer Car Than You Could Purchase

Because monthly lease payments are lower than loan payments, there may be some more upscale Lincolns that will now fit into your price range. You might be able to afford a larger model, or add all the options to your original choice.

You Can Get A Lease With The Miles You Need

You may have seen leases with a mileage allowance that is way too low for your needs. But you can add more miles into your Lincoln lease up front? Doing this usually costs less per mile than paying later for going over your limit.

You Don’t Have To Put A Lot Down To Get Into A Lease

Some lease deals let you put down a small down payment, or even none at all. This is the way to go. There is really no benefit to putting money down on a leased car if you don’t have to.

When You Buy A Car, It Belongs To You

When you are buying a Lincoln, you own it. It is titled in your name. If you take pride in owning things, then buying and owning will just make you feel better.

Buying A Car Means You Still Have A Car When The Payments End

It’s a great feeling to have a Lincoln without a monthly payment! Once it’s paid off, you are saving that payment every month. No payment due is a great feeling!

You Can Easily Sell Your Lincoln At Any Time If You Purchase It

Your vehicle needs can change over time. When they do, that car you purchased can be sold or traded for one that better suits your current situation. It is very expensive to do this if you lease.

Buying Lets You Drive Your Car As Much As You Like

There are no mileage limits or over-the-limit fees when you are buying a Lincoln. Drive as far as you’d like, it’s never a problem!

When You Buy, You Have A Car To Trade On Your Next One

The Lincoln you own has a value. It can be your down payment when it’s time to get something new. When you lease, you start from scratch each time.

We Are Your Leasing And Buying Experts!

When it comes to Leasing vs. Buying at South Bay Lincoln in Hawthorne, you have found the best place to be leasing a Lincoln, or buying a Lincoln. Check out our special offers here. Lease or buy, we will make you happy! Contact us for a test drive.